ISAIAH Blanco initially thought his stint playing for the University of Cebu Junior Webmasters would be a short-lived one but with a Cesafi title already tucked in his belt, the left-handed forward is strongly considering coming back.

Blanco, the son of Cebuano basketball great Dondon Hontiveros, had a solid season which got capped off by a scintillating 2-0 series sweep of the erstwhile champions University of the Visayas in the Cesafi finals. Blanco raised his game in the championship showdown especially in Game Two where he hit a crucial triple that helped seal the crown for UC.

His defense on UV star Joshua Yerro was also significant, forcing the latter to commit his fifth and final foul in the dying moments of Game 2.

More than anything, the camaraderie that Blanco has had with fellow players and coaches alike has been very meaningful to the youngster.

“It feels real great because the team as a whole, from the coaching staff to our equipment managers, we really worked hard for this, and it feels so amazing to win the championship at last. I may not be ready to leave Cesafi just yet,” shared the 6-foor-2 forward.

The youngster said that even though the Baby Lancers were considered the favorites, he and the rest of his teammates weren’t daunted.

“We were confident enough because we prepared for UV and its players, we watched film, we studied every tendency they have,” shared Blanco.

Winning the championship this season was made extra special with his father quite literally right beside him every step of the way.

“It was a special moment for us because my dad really put his all into making me the player I am today and winning the championship with him, it’s a special moment for our family.”

Source: Hontiveros son Isaiah Blanco cherishes Cesafi juniors title with dad watching