AD GENIUS, Homerun Nievera | First off, I’m a Huawei user and an avid fan. So much for disclosures, huh?

Admittedly, it was devastating news when Google announced its cancellation of Huawei’s access to its services. The night before (Manila time) the announcement, our Huawei phones updated themselves on their own to probably the latest software it had at that time.

That was a few months then. My phone still works nicely. Whatever trade war between China and the United States is in, that’s their doing and their problem to solve.

As for me, what I’d like to know is how Huawei is coping with the brand crisis it got embroiled in.

“How Huawei handles its current crisis will become the a benchmark for how a brand deals with losing its main ingredient and access to a global ecosystem,” argues Ai.Agency’s Dave McCaughan in an article he wrote.

Indeed, it’s something worth looking into. So far, nothing of real value to consumers has been offered by Huawei phone users in terms of its losing access to Google products.

Remember, Huawei is known for speed in development. But without Android, how can it move that fast now, eh? Unlike Apple which isn’t dependent on any major third party software, Huawei is.

If your laptop or PC lost its access to the software that runs all its Internet browsers, it’s virtually useless, right? And that’s exactly what Huawei phone users feel right now.

Here’s how McCaughan stated it plainly: “Depending on where you live and how long you have been aware of it, Huawei is a fast developer, a brand that has been pushy and a bit in your face. But it has always been quick to do something new and to get ahead of trends. For many, it is the leading or maybe the only real Chinese global tech brand they can name. All of which states the obvious: just as the brand offered speed of new options, new designs and new features for most of its history, it now needs to offer speed in decision making to keep whatever relative calm currently exists.”

Yes, there’s some relatively huge damage on Huawei’s phone brand. Can they undo it in time? Or are we seeing another Nokia in the making?

Homerun Nievera is a serial technopreneur and digital evangelist.